(RALEIGH, North Carolina) — There are hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the U.S. Army but only one can be named Female Soldier-Athlete of the Year.

While her accomplishment is being heralded as an historic win for Samoans, it'd be an injustice to exclude half of her identity.

"I like to say my full name is Salaia Latoya Nicole Marshall Salave’a," the U.S. Army's Female Soldier-Athlete of the Year told tautalatala from Raleigh.

"I tell people that I am Samoan and Black. Most people want me to be one or the other but I’m both so they either accept it or not."

(GATINEAU, QUEBEC, Canada) — The Sulu'ape family and the Samoan art of Tatau are featured in the Skindigenous television series airing in Canada and Nish Media, the show's producers, are working to bring it to a wider audience.

"At the moment, the series is airing on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) in Canada only," Skindigenous Director Jean-François Martel told tautalatala from Quebec. "However, we are working to ensure that people in other countries can watch the show."

(AUCKLAND, New Zealand) – There was no breach, only abuse, but just who the “bad actors” were will surprise you. It’s true that the Trump campaign used data provided by Cambridge Analytica to adjust their messaging and to identify electoral districts in battleground states that would be receptive to the campaign’s platform during the Republican primaries, and to a lesser degree some of the information may have been used later in the general election.

What did Cambridge Analytica actually do?

(SAMOA) — La'auli Alan Grey was an icon of rugby and sports. And Samoa loved him dearly.

When the Manu Samoa Sevens take the field in Hong Kong this weekend, they'll wear black armbands to honour him, a fitting tribute to the man who single-handedly propelled the Manu Samoa to the world stage.

La'auli, who was laid to rest last month in Afiamalu following a state funeral, devoted his life to the sport and the development of Samoa.

Hundreds joined the Grey family and Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, to bid him farewell.

(ARLINGTON, Texas) — Three Samoan Churches in the state of Texas have converged in Arlington to celebrate Easter.

The three Churches that comprise the Tafatolu are based in Arlington, Fort Hood and San Antonio.

The Congregations in Texas mirror the calendars of the Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa (EFKAS) and the the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa (EFKS).

Youth members took center stage to present cultural and spiritual performances based on stories from The Holy Bible during the Easter weekend.

(VATICAN CITY) — A young man from American Samoa is on a spiritual high after meeting Pope Francis on Palm Sunday, World Youth Day, and being chosen to present him with a special document in Vatican City.

More than 300 youth leaders from around the world, representing various religions and cultures, met in Vatican City March 19-24 for a prelude to the 2018 Synod of Bishops scheduled for October.

We reached out to ASTCA CEO, Puleleiite Tufele Lia Jr., to provide some clarity for our readers as to the current status of ASTCA’s upgrades and network preparations in advance of the Hawaiki cable landing, and he set aside some time to bring us up to date on progress at the Authority.

(SAMOA) — The Football Federation Samoa (FFS) 2018 Upolu Youth League is underway at the Tuana’imato Sports Complex.

The idea behind this U-10 and U-13 league is the development of youngsters' football skills by promoting more touches and playing a faster game.

It is unique in that it encourages inclusiveness, creative play and removes the element of 'winning at all costs'.

FFS Technical Director Valerio Raccuglia said: “We believe having the girls play with the boys this will help them greatly."

(SAMOA) — Cyclone Gita's impact, rather the hard work of public servants at the Electric Power Corporation and Samoa Water Authority in the storm's aftermath — will be honoured at the World Fire Knife Championships set for May 10, 11 and 12, in La'ie.

As a token of appreciation for their dedication and responding effectively to the needs of Samoa after Cyclone Gita, two of Samoa’s contenders will carry the flags of EPC and SWA onto the global stage at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

(UTULEI, American Samoa) — The Samoana Sharks Varsity Boys Basketball squad can only be described as invincible. A 21-game winning streak with not a single loss over a span of two seasons testifies to that.

"Our season was cut short due to Hurricane Gita," Sharks Coach Carl Schuster, Jr. told tautalatala. "We only played one round then went straight into the playoffs."

Since the 2017 season the Sharks have denied every opponent they've faced the win.