None of the gubernatorial candidates in the election held on November 6, 2012 had the 50% + 1 majority needed to win the race for the governor's office. The American Samoa constitution mandates a run-off election to be held soon after the main election, and it looks like the non-run-off candidates have been busy realigning themselves to endorse their choice for the run-off.

One day of sun and fun, and ink loving ink-o-philes wasn't enough, I showed up again on Sunday, camera in hand only to be disappointed that my fame from the previous day had dissipated and I was going to have to start all over reestablishing my photographic credibility. Fortunately for me, the patrons of Tisa's Tattoo Festival were all willing to pose for the camera, smile, and show off their new tattoos that it didn't take long before people who saw me walking their way were waving me over to take another photo.

On the last weekend of every October there's a murmur, a rumor that Ink is in the air... If you follow the buzz, you'll discover that the noise you've been hearing is all 'em people over at Alega beach having themselves a good ol' time.

It is a beautiful Saturday at Alega beach and there are a lot of people walking around barefoot at Tisa's Barefoot Bar. Music, the incredible smell of sausages and bar-b-q, and pina coladas everywhere. Unfortunately when we finally get to the bar they're out of pina coladas, but they do have the good old Vailima fall back, so the game is on.

After nine deployments for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, U.S. Army veteran Deutsch Nu'uelua Pu’u has been recognized for his service to the Army, country and community through new programs that are inspiring youth in American Samoa and Waipahu.

Drugs, crime, litter and alcoholism have long plagued Waipahu, especially the area where Pu’u makes his home, Pupuole, a neighborhood comprised of five streets of high and low rise flats. It is home to a large number of Pacific island immigrants including Samoans and Micronesians.

INKED set for Sept. 15 in San Diego, California

(MEDIA RELEASE) – The work of three Tufuga, traditional Samoan tattoo artists Su’a Suluape Alaiva’a Petelo, Su’a Peter Suluape and Su’a Suluape Tau Ah Keni closed Hawaii’s first INKED Island Fashion Show that debuted December 2011 at The Waterfront at Aloha Tower.

INKED II will show in San Diego, Calif. Sept. 15. Tatau Brand and Selah International are working with the INKED team to produce the 2012 show.

The women and youth of Samoa need not look far for stories of strength, wisdom, beauty and courage. Those qualities run through our veins, descendants of warriors, royalty and gifted navigators, artisans who ruled warfare, trade and commerce in pre-colonial island life. Through our traditional history, the advent of westerners, introduction of Christianity, colonialism and partitioning, migrations, diaspora and ensuing contemporary issues, the Samoan woman has remained a pillar of strength in the family, central in the Samoan way of life.

Congressman Faleomavaega today offered his congratulations to Dr. Fa’anofo Lisa Claire Uperesa who has joined the faculty of the University of Hawaii at Manoa as Assistant Professor of Sociology and Ethnic Studies.

After years of living on the East Coast, Dr. Uperesa will return to the Pacific to teach courses on Immigration to Hawaii and the U.S., Introduction to Race and Ethnic Relations, Racism and Ethnicity in Hawaii, as well as a new course under development, Sociology of Sport.