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Seuseu: At the helm of scientific research

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Press Secretariat, MPMC

(SAMOA) – There is no doubt that the Scientific Research Organization of Samoa (SROS) has achieved its mandate as the government initiative celebrated its 12th anniversary this year.

Established in 2006 as a newly formed government initiative, SROS was set up to provide scientific and technical research, and develop technologies which provide benefit to Samoa’s industries, government ministries, corporations, agencies, communities, and, in turn – the national economy.

And the Organization is in capable hands to continue to serve the country with Seuseu Dr. Joseph Edward Tauati at the helm as the new Chief Executive Officer.

Seuseu is no stranger to S.R.O.S. as he was worked as a Principal Officer before he assumed the role of C.E.O. last year. 

Prior to that, Seuseu was a Consultant for M.A.F.’s (Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries) Crops Division and then later on became a Principal Quarantine Officer for the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. 

Seuseu was educated at the University of the South Pacific (U.S.P.) – Alafua where he received his Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree. 

He then went on to receive his Master’s Degree from Japan and his PhD from the United Kingdom. 

Seuseu is married with two children and is the son of Robyn Tauati and the late Rev. Seuseu Levaula Tauati who was also a former C.E.O. of the National Provident Fund. 

Seuseu Dr. Joseph Edward Tauati has been a public servant for almost 10 years.

Source: Media Release, Press Secretariat, Ministry of the Prime Minister & Cabinet