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PTK Amerika Samoa: Wisdom, aspiration, purity

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James Kneubuhl, ASCC Press Officer

(MAPUSAGA, American Samoa) — Seventeen students have been inducted into the Alpha Epsilon Mu Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) International Honor Society at the American Samoa Community College (ASCC).

Former PTK member and current ASCC mathematics instructor Mrs. Amete Mulipola-Moefiainu provided the keynote speech.

A fall 2007 graduate of ASCC, Mrs. Mulipola-Moefiainu went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Texas A&M University in 2009, followed by her Masters of Education in Teaching and Learning from Argosy University, Hawai'i.

She joined the ASCC faculty in January 2014, and now serves as Acting Chairperson of the Mathematics Department.

Mrs. Mulipola-Moefiainu reminisced about her own experiences as a PTK member and shared a number of anecdotes on the importance of leadership.

She offered this quote from Pastor John Hagee, “The measure of a man’s greatness is not the number of servants he has, but the number of people he has served.”

Following the keynote speech, the new inductees performed the ceremonial lighting of candles representing the mythical Greek “flame of knowledge”.

Following their recitation of the oath to uphold the values of the organization, PTK President Olivia Atisano’e congratulated them on becoming fully-fledged members.

PTK recognizes and encourages excellence in scholarship among associate degree students.

The Greek words Phi Theta Kappa mean wisdom (Phi), aspiration (Theta) and purity (Kappa). The society bases its programs on its four hallmarks: scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship. The Society, based in Jackson, Mississippi, provides more than $35 million worth of scholarships annually to students nationwide.

Each member is automatically nominated for inclusion in the prestigious National Dean’s List, and is also enrolled in the PTK Transfer Database, which links senior institutions across the U.S., offering scholarships to PTK members. 

PTK recruiting at ASCC begins during registration week and continues into the second week of the semester, during which time applications are available to all students.

Applicants who have a GPA of 3.5 or better move on to the interview process, where head advisor Mr. Kuki Tuiasosopo and advisor Mr. Ernie Seiuli then determine their eligibility.

Once the advisors choose prospective members from among the interviewees, a formal letter is issued to each successful applicant informing them of their acceptance into the Society. 

The spring 2018 Inductees are Afimuao Nimoa’i, Alexandra Letuli, Casidhe Mahuka, Celine Puletasi, Dougneilia Ah-Mai Letuli, Hillary Oliver, Jessie Verolene Faleafine, Lomialagi Chie Tauiliili, Melesuati Lualua, Milise Lolesio, Monalisa Afoa, Osana Esekia, Puline Hardy, Precious C. Ameperosa, Quendolynn Eseroma, Taeaomataaga Voight and Utaifeau J. Tilo.

Current PTK Members include Olivia Atisano'e (President) , Vaotupu Tufele (Vice President), Anasitasia Vaitele (Treasurer), Francine Iopu (Secretary), Louaivasa La'ulu (PR Secretary), Faamao Asafo, Faasiu Faalata, Genesis Lagai, Fevaea'i Mareko, Rianna Lafaele, Jingjing Jiang, Anastasia Magalo, Theresa Lafaele, Loreta Liu, Krystene Lin, Elysha Samatua, Magalita Johnson and Amy Thrun.

The Spring 2018 induction ceremony was held Feb. 27, 2018.

For more information about the nationwide activities of Phi Theta Kappa, visit their website at: www.ptk.org.

(Source: Press Release, Press Officer James Kneubuhl, American Samoa Community College)