USOH 2.0 represents Samoa at Melaleuca Convention

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RE-UNITED: USOH 2.0 in Salt Lake City.

(SALT LAKE CITY, Utah) — Members of the United Samoan Organization of Hawai'i reconvened as USOH 2.0 to represent Samoa at the Melaleuca Convention Friday, May 4 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Melaleuca, The Wellness Company, reports that "thousands" were in attendance at the convention where several new products were unveiled at the Salt Palace Convention Center.

The beautiful harmony of its musicians and signature grace, liveliness and precision of USOH combined to deliver an audiovisual treat for attendees and viewers of live video posted on social media.

Following four numbers and the Taualuga, USOH closed with the singing of "We are Samoa."

Warmly received by convention attendees, USOH reunited and made the appearance on behalf of an original member Nia Tuitele who is with Melaleuca, a company passionate about protecting the environment refusing to use bleach, ammonia, or other caustic chemicals in its cleaning products.

"Instead, it uses non-toxic ingredients and its super-concentrated formulas ensure less waste of water, plastic, and fuel," states the online Melaleuca Journal.

"All this results in exceptional products that get the job done without harming Mother Earth and the people you love."

The USOH. 2.0 trip was made possible by fundraisers that included selling "Sapasui Bowls" and hosting the Si O'u Nu'u Moni Concert that featured Miriama Samuela of popular Samoan band The Anivas.