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New gear from Saints Netball Club for Leifiifi College

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(SAMOA) — Leiififi College's netball squad begins the 2018 season looking sharp in new sports gear, gifted to the school from the Saints Netball Club based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

"The girls are so happy the uniforms fit them well," said Leifiifi Principal Sefuiva Malaea Lauano. "We'd like to express our faafetai tele lava for the gift. The girls look nice in their uniforms."

The individual behind the generous donation — blue and yellow dresses; top and skirt sets of blue and white, sports jackets, bibs and sports bags — remains obscure, notes Sefuiva.

The principal said a man who lives in Lalovaea, where Leifiifi is located, showed up at the school with the uniforms.

"His neighbor plays netball," Sefuiva said. "We don't know who his neighbor is."

The neighbor simply asked the man to give the uniforms to a school in Samoa and he chose the nearest college and the colors match perfectly with Leifiifi's school colors, blue and white.

Clues of the donation's origins are the words "St. Peter's Netball" which appear on uniforms and the word "Hearts," printed on the black and red jackets and sports bags.

St. Peter's is in New Zealand, said Sefuiva.

Using the clues on the uniforms, tautalatala made contact with the Saints Netball Club, located in Christchurch, New Zealand.

In an email, Hannah Goslin, the club's
secretary explained that the donation was organized by a member of their committee.

"Those uniforms look great on the girls!!," Goslin exclaimed. "We are the Saints Netball Club. We formed three years ago when two clubs (Hearts and St. Peter’s) amalgamated. The uniforms donated are extras that we had in storage. A member of our committee organized the donation."

The donation is enough to outfit all Leifiifi's netball players with yet more — smaller sizes that will be given to netballers at Apia Primary.

"That's why we wanted this story on the internet, so we could say 'thank you' and they (donors) can see it," said Sefuiva.

The Ministry of Sports, Education and Culture opened its 2018 netball season Thursday, March 8, 2018.

Games for Zone A, which includes Leifiifi, are being played at Samoa College.