Taupou marks the spot at Long Beach and 69th

Photo Credit: 
Wayne Luafalemana
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(SAMOA) — A giant mural featuring a Samoan Taupou is in progress at Long Beach Boulevard and 69th Street in California, cousins of Artist Jason Pereira urging others to check out the art in person to truly appreciate its beauty.

"Went to check out my cousin's mural today in Long Beach. Been seeing all the posts and pics on Facebook but to be there up close is pretty dope. Wow!," wrote Wayne Luafalemana in a Facebook post.

"Amazed by his talent and artistry...go check it out! It's on Long Beach and 69th behind the gas station. If you're thinking about going, I suggest taking the family, it's worth it."

A Samoan proverb (and its English translation) is prominently displayed in the mural: "O le ala i le pule o le tautua."