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Samoan scholar princess graduates H.S. and college in same year

  • Scholar-princess and Bible studies teacher Lusia Aveolelaeosomaiilematasau Cole.
    Scholar-princess and Bible studies teacher Lusia Aveolelaeosomaiilematasau Cole.
  • Accolades from the state of Maryland.
    Accolades from the state of Maryland.
  • Celebrating Lusia.
    Celebrating Lusia.
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Clara Uila Cole

(ANNE ARUNDEL, Maryland) – After garnering a number of historic firsts during her teenage years that includes winning the title of Miss Tausala in Maryland, Lusia Aveolelaeosomaiilematasau Cole is set to add another feat to an already lengthy list of impressive accomplishments.

The 18-year-old Chesapeake Science Point School senior receives a high school diploma this year but also completes a two-year degree from Anne Arundel Community College, entering a four-year university as a sophomore in the fall.

Lusia enrolled in a pilot program that offered college courses to high school juniors; she graduates from high school May 29 and then from college on July 27. A huge celebration has been planned for June 2 with family members flying to the East Coast for the occasion.

"She is blessed and was offered a full academic scholarship for four years from four different colleges," Lusia's mother U.S. Navy retiree Clara Uila Cole, told tautalatala.

Lusia was born in Yokosuka, Japan. She is Samoan and Black, with roots in Leone and Amanave, American Samoa.

She has been crowned Miss Tausala and Miss Junior Cherry Blossom Princess 2014-2015. Her mother is Vice President of the American Samoa Society in Maryland.

"We are very active in continuing to educate and showcase our culture," said Clara, a 1991 graduate of Faasao High School. "My daughter is the first Miss Tausala...she was crowned by U.S. Congresswoman Aumua Amata."

In her junior year, Lusia became the first student from a charter school elected as Student Member of the Board in Maryland with full voting rights nationwide, the state's Odenten Patch reported.

Lusia told the Patch the "exciting process" was "inspiring" that "lit a fire in me and it won't be contained any time soon."

From more than 1,000 applicants, Lusia was selected for an internship with the National Security Agency (NSA) last year.

Having hopped from school to school after her parents divorced, following her election as SMOB, Lusia is quoted in the Capital Gazette, saying: "I'm the embodiment of versatility. I've learned how to thrive under pressure."

The proud Samoan scholar princess, a dancer, who is also involved in volunteer work and teaches Bible studies, has chosen to pursue a four-year degree at Norwich University, a military college in Vermont.

She contemplates majoring in psychology or education.