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Man held at gunpoint, tortured on Facebook video

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    Glock 19.

(SAMOA) – A graphic video showing a man being held at gunpoint, hit in the face and being told to "apologize to Salelevalu" surfaced Tuesday on Facebook.

One man is holding what appears to be a gun to another man's head while interrogating him and instructing him to apologize to Salelavalu.

In response to questions, the victim states he is from Salelologa.

Profanities abound and a third man hits the victim while the gun is being held in his face by the accomplice.

A Samoan woman in Hawai'i sent the video to tautalatala asking that the Samoa Police Service look into the incident and bring the victim's assailants to justice.

The origins of the video have not been authenticated but the three men are speaking in Samoan.

"I forward you this, turn it in to those cops," the woman said. "I know it's on Facebook but my gosh. This is too emotional. Tears. It's like ISIS between the two villages."

The video sent to tautalatala had been removed from the Facebook account on which it was published, by 6 p.m. Tuesday, Samoa Time.