Getting Ready For Tisa's Tattoo Festival Fashion Show

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J.D. Hall III
Collage of PagoPages Fashion Projects

People are capable of being many things. We often forget that.

Fashion. That isn't one of the first things that pops into your mind when you think about me. Nerd, geek... Dude... Yes, it's pretty common for people to think I'm a photographer, a computer programmer, an IT guy, a graphic artist, an avid gardener, a web designer, a poet, or a writer. Over the last few years, some have even come to know me as an amateur fashion designer. 

My name is J.D. Hall, and I am a guy with a lot of odd hobbies. I don't name my "phases" as "Blue" or "Purple", but I enjoy learning and trying new things. A couple of years ago I picked up amateur fashion designing on a bit of a dare. My premise was that we could do so much more with Samoan prints if we utilized a variety of stretchy fabrics and some creativity. Over the course of two years we came out with some interesting styles and pushed the envelope, just enough to trigger a landslide of new entrants into the market doing the same thing. Mission accomplished.

Along the way I worked with some great fabric printers who took some of the ideas that I developed for printing fabrics for my use and expanded on those ideas, and many of those ideas have made their way into general use.

Before I go any further, I'm not claiming personal credit for much more than challenging the status quo and our tendency to resist change. Most of what I've done has been done before in other places around the world, including professional clothing lines and runway shows. In Fashion there's very little that's really "new", and it's really about asking yourself how you can give those ideas new life by incorporating local and native Samoan design elements into modern clothing ideas and styles.

Tomorrow, October 26, at Tisa's Tattoo Festival Fashion Show, I'll be showing some items that take the idea of summer and tropical wear and I'm throwing some lace at it. 

There's more to the story about how I accepted the challenge to get into fashion design in the first place, but that's a story for another time and place. Come on out to Tisa's Barefoot Bar on Alega Beach tomorrow around 2 PM to watch the fashion show. Come out earlier and enjoy the tattoo festival. It doesn't get much better than Tisa's Tattoo Festival.

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