Samoan health blogger conquers 26.2-mile run in under 6 hours

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RokeT Media/Roke To'oto'o
Menne Taliva'a Hall, two days before she ran in the North Shore Marathon, during a photo shoot with Roke To'oto'o at Kapiolani Park, Waikiki.

(Honolulu, HAWAI'I)--Through pouring rain and agonizing pain, Samoan health blogger Menne Taliva'a Hall, conquered the 26.2-mile North Shore Marathon, completing it in under six hours this morning.

"For the most part, it went well. I got in under six hours," she told "Had a bit of a challenge after mile 21, but I pushed through the agonizing pain, kept telling myself, 'just a few more miles, just a few more'."

Hall, founder of the She's Now or Never sisterhood and Health and Wellness blog said her "iPod went out because it was pouring hard."

"So I was forced to listen to my own 'inside voice'," she said.

After dropping 150 pounds and running over 20 half-marathons, April 14, 2013 marks the completion of Hall's first full marathon. It's a milestone in her battle that began when she was 150 pounds heavier, 355 pounds. Hall runs to fight obesity, diabetes and heart disease. She runs to break the stereotype. She runs for change.

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