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Who Am I? Answer this question during Asian American Pacific Islander month

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Talofa readers!

In celebration of Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month in the month of May, tautalatala.com invites students and writers of all ages to submit a piece of writing (poem or essay), photograph, video or artwork that tells your unique story as a Pacific Islander or Asian American (or both) living or attending school in the United States.

AAPI Month launches the morning of May 1, May Day, Lei Day in Hawai'i at 7 a.m. Hawaii Time. Please see our story "Smithsonian and White House launch Asian Pac Islander Month May 1" for information on AAPI events and internship opportunities in Washington D.C.

Submissions must answer the question: “Who Am I?” Selected submissions will be posted on tautalatala.com throughout the month of May.

We at tautalatala.com urge you to share your story with our readers in the hope that your voice may help to uplift and inspire others in your communities.

Who Am I? I’ve taken off my news cap and venture into poetry to answer this question. I will post my lengthy poem in two parts.

Do something to inspire your community during AAPI Month. Share something to increase awareness of our experiences as Pacific Islanders and Asian Americans in the United States.

We send many prayers and blessings to all the Asian American and Pacific Islander service men and women around the world who are serving our nation in the Armed Forces. Let us not forget those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for you and me. We say thank you to you and your families and we love you.

Thank you for reading tautalatala.com. I appreciate your support.

Happy AAPI Heritage Month!

Love and aloha always from Hawai'i,

Tina Mata’afa-Tufele, Editor at tautalatala.com

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