U.S. Naval and World War II history of American Samoa spotlighted in new brochure

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A National Park of American Samoa Ranger during a clean-up at historic Blunt's Point, Tutuila, American Samoa.

(MEDIA RELEASE—American Samoa Visitor’s Bureau)—Two new tourist brochures showcasing the Territory’s U.S. Naval & World War II history and shopping will be available next month.

The first, the ‘American Samoa U.S. Naval History and World War II Guide’ showcases the rich naval connection the islands had for over 50 years and the key role the U.S. Naval Station Tutuila had as the command center in the defense of the Pacific Islands stretching from Wallis and Futuna in the west to the French Polynesia in the east.

The brochure features a history timeline on one side spanning over 50 years and then on the other a map showing the naval installations with descriptions and black and white photos.

The guide was a joint project between the American Samoa Visitors Bureau, American Samoa Historic Preservation Office, National Park Service of American Samoa and the Feleti Barstow Library.

ASVB Executive Director, David Vaeafe said their office would work with existing tour operators on island to develop tours around the historical naval sites as a new tour product offering for the destination.

“World War II Tours is huge business around the world and not many people realize the U.S. Navy base here played a key role in the war in this region against Japan and in supporting its Pacific allies,” said Vaeafe.

The second brochure is the ‘American Samoa Shopping Guide’ produced in partnership by the American Samoa Visitors Bureau and the American Samoa Chamber of Commerce. ASVB Executive Director, David Vaeafe said the guide lists businesses on island offering everything from handicraft souvenirs to hardware tools and new vehicles.

“Not many people realize that here in American Samoa our retail outlets offer a wide range of American and International products with no sales tax, so you can buy these products a lot cheaper here than anywhere else in the Pacific or the world,” Vaeafe said.

The guide features the business listings with colored icons to show which village they are located in on the guide map, along with their contact details.
“We have everything to offer from Levi jeans for around US$25 to Nikes starting from $30”, he said.

The production and printing of both the ‘American Samoa U.S. Naval History & World War II Guide’ and the ‘American Samoa Shopping Guide’ was funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Interior Office of Insular Affairs.

(Source: American Samoa Visitor’s Bureau)

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