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Hurricane Evan (aka Cyclone Evan) Nears Samoa Islands

  • Lady Naomi passing Larson's Cove
    Lady Naomi passing Larson's Cove
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J.D. Hall, PagoPages.com [contributor]

American Samoa continues its preparations for the potential arrival of Cyclone/Hurricane Evan, hereafter referred to as "the cyclone".

The cyclone received its name in the late evening on December 11 here in American Samoa, prior to that, it being only referred to as a quickly moving tropical depression.

It is expected that the cyclone will swing over the Indpendent State of Samoa, with the Fiji meteorological service predicting that the storm system will be over the independent country of Samoa at around midday today. The storm system is then expected to continue eastward toward American Samoa, but should swing Southward and Westward later in the evening before arriving in American Samoa to continue on toward Fiji.

The Pacific Disaster Center (PDC)'s predicts sustained winds of 46 mph and gusts of up to 57 mph with storm intensity increasing as it passes through the archipelago. All the weather services are advising that residents and visitors to the islands prepare for the storm, if they haven't already, as the storm tracks through the islands. It is important to note that cyclones and hurricanes can be unpredictable, and the storm may veer from the predicted track, and could hit more directly American Samoa before continuing southward.

Storm preparations should include moving away from coastal areas, filling gas tanks on vehicles, and purchasing sufficient bottled water and non-perishable foods to last at least several days before disaster aid can arrive or storm damage can be cleared and repaired.

Conditions here in American Samoa right now are calm, but storm preparation is expected to accelerate today, so prepare early and expect long lines at supermarkets and gas stations.