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  • People are capable of being many things. We often forget that.

    Fashion. That isn't one of the first things that pops into your mind when you think about me. Nerd, geek... Dude... Yes, it's pretty common for people to think I'm a photographer, a computer programmer, an IT guy, a graphic artist, an avid gardener, a web designer, a poet, or a writer. Over the last few years, some have even come to know...

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  • (AUCKLAND)--Much to the delight of devoted fans, the highly anticipated third book in Lani Wendt Young's Telesa Book Series, is closer to becoming a reality. Its beautiful cover art was released early this month and book three, "The Bone Bearer" is due out in late July.

    "The design is by Talia Brown of Talia Design, photographer is Penina Momoisea and model is Stacie AhChong Levi. All fiercely fabulous Samoan women," Young told from Auckland. "It's 100 percent Samoan...

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  • Su'a Peter Suluape is a master of the traditional hand tap tatau of Samoa. He is the son of world famous traditional hand-tap master, Su'a Suluape Aliava'a (Petelo) Sulape and his wife Asiasiga Suluape. He is the nephew of the tattooing legend, the late Paulo Suluape. As if this was not enough of a prestigious pedigree, the Suluape family is also a world respected family of traditional tattooists whose practice of tatau literally stretches back thousands of years. 808ink special assignment...

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  • (MEDIA RELEASE—HONOLULU, Hawai’i)—Tattoos. Fashion. Music. Culture. That’s the INKED Island Fashion Show in a nutshell and many who were part of INKED 2 held Dec. 1 at The Westin San Diego are saying great things about it.

    Tatau Brand Clothing Company, major sponsors of INKED San Diego say they were “humbled by the opportunity...

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  • (MEDIA RELEASE) – Tattooed models, Pacific island twist. Fashion Show Director Tina Mata’afa-Elise says “in a nutshell, INKED is Polynesian and Pacific fashion, tattoos, music and culture.” Island-themed fashion designers show off their latest faire, with models also sharing their love and collection of island tattoos.

    Slated to share designs at the INKED Island Fashion Show are: INKED Major Sponsors Tatau Brand, Fashion Careers College graduates Desiree Snuffer and Alyssa Mansfield,...

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  • INKED set for Sept. 15 in San Diego, California

    (MEDIA RELEASE) – The work of three Tufuga, traditional Samoan tattoo artists Su’a Suluape Alaiva’a Petelo, Su’a Peter Suluape and Su’a Suluape Tau Ah Keni closed Hawaii’s first INKED Island Fashion Show that debuted December 2011 at The Waterfront at Aloha Tower.

    INKED II will show in San Diego, Calif. Sept. 15. Tatau Brand and Selah International are working with the INKED...

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