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Find these pies, Tim Tams, Bongos and more at Lilly's Bakery.

(TACOMA, Wa.) — Lilly's Bakery, Paka Polynesian Tattoos and Left Coast Streetwear join leaders in education as sponsors of the 4th Annual Samoan Arts & Academics Competition Saturday, May 5 at the Tacoma Dome.

The competition in Washington state, coordinated by Kiana Fuega, has also garnered support from educators as far away as New Zealand, the mobile classroom called Aganu'u Fa'aSamoa, a program of Epiphany Pacific Trust which visited Samoa in 2017 for an up-close study of the...

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Lady Angler Tian Savusa, holds a yellowfin tuna in victory in a past I'a Lapo'a Tournament.

(PAGO PAGO, American Samoa) — The annual Steinlager I'a Lapo'a Game Fishing Tournament opens with a ceremony on Saturday at Sadie's Thompson Inn at Malaloa, anglers gearing up for the shot gun start Monday, April 30.

Wednesday, May 2 has been designated as Ladies and Junior Day, according to information distributed to members of the Pago Pago Game Fishing Association, from I'a Lapo'a Event Manager Debbs Cox.

Special prizes include a $1,000 check, sponsored by Island Cargo...

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(SAMOA) — Levaopolo Uitinesi Apoua Mata’afa travels frequently between New Zealand and Samoa. He has to. He may live in Auckland, but he is very much involved with family and village obligations here that he has to attend to. In fact, he now travels home every month to attend meetings at his village of Salamumu.

Thanks to Samoa Airways, this has been made easier for him with the availability of affordable airfares at his disposal.

His latest trip to Samoa was on Friday last...

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Facebook is under scrutiny for privacy concerns regarding their users' data.

by Tina Mata'afa-Tufele and Roy J.D. Hall III

(SAMOA) — Trust is something that simply cannot be quantified. The more end users learn about the data abuse enabled by Facebook, the social networking site that has become a verb in the global tele-communications vernacular, the more people of note are opting to bail.

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak has deactivated his account, telling the Associated Press Monday this week he had been thinking for a while of deleting his account and...

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President Barack Obama at Facebook headquarters, town hall. 2011

(AUCKLAND, New Zealand) – There was no breach, only abuse, but just who the “bad actors” were will surprise you. It’s true that the Trump campaign used data provided by Cambridge Analytica to adjust their messaging and to identify electoral districts in battleground states that would be receptive to the campaign’s platform during the Republican primaries, and to a lesser degree some of the information may have been used later in the general election.

What did Cambridge Analytica...

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(SAMOA) — La'auli Alan Grey was an icon of rugby and sports. And Samoa loved him dearly.

When the Manu Samoa Sevens take the field in Hong Kong this weekend, they'll wear black armbands to honour him, a fitting tribute to the man who single-handedly propelled the Manu Samoa to the world stage.

La'auli, who was laid to rest last month in Afiamalu following a state funeral, devoted his life to the sport and the development of Samoa.

Hundreds joined the Grey family and...

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ASTCA set to BLAST through the Digital Glass Ceiling at 200 Gbps. (ASTCA Marketing/FB)

(New Zealand, 28 March 2018) - Six years after substantive work began on the U.S. Federally funded Fiber to the Home (FTTH) project in American Samoa, named the Broadband Linking the American Samoa Territory or BLAST project, the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority (ASTCA) is preparing to land a spur from the transpacific Hawaiki Submarine cable in the middle part of 2018 in order to supply the Authority with 200 Gbps of Internet capacity.

Prior to 2018 only 30%-35% of homes...

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TE Subcom Reliance Class Fleet Image

As a telecommunications consultant and professional, there is a marked difference in the quality of Internet access between “mobile” and “fixed” access points and devices, especially when it comes to “wealth” indicators and influencers. In a paper authored by Martin Hilbert (Universtiy of Southern California, “Mapping the dimensions and characteristics of the world’s technological communication capacity during the period of digitization”, he identified...

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Hawaiki Submarine Cable

Addressing Backhaul Costs and Customer Experience

In 2012 an article by Calabrese, Calarco, and Richardson entitled, “The Most Expensive Internet in America” made its rounds via the various news networks, and was shared thousands of times on social media. The general response was righteous indignation that these remote...

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Groundbreaking ceremony, Hawaiki subsea cable beach landing, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand (UPDATED 21 March 2018)- This is intended to be Part 1 in a series of articles on the changes coming to American Samoa because of Hawaiki's subsea cable.
To say that it has been a long 6 years since we first heard rumors of a new subsea cable project in our little corner of the South Pacific would be an understatement. At the time that we heard the first rumors we were skeptical. In 2011 I was working for the American Samoa Telecommunication Authority (ASTCA) as a...

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