Rackless Fashion and Trendy Custom Made

"That's a nice rack you got there little lady..." - Inappropriate Humourist

Going "rackless" is going to be the new micro-trend in fashion shopping, and I'm not talking about women having cosmetic breast reduction surgeries; which should be a crime in all "57 States". (Name that reference!)

Rackless is a fashion shopping experience where the customer purchases their clothing online from a style catalog and then works with the designers to complete the design with fabric and print selection, alterations and measurements. In the mid-2000's this process was known as Made To Measure and was moderately popular among young American professionals during the economic boom years of 2004-2007.

Rackless. Yes.

Thus, I declare the new nomenclature for my Made To Measure Manifesto Challenge is now "Rackless Behavior Part 1". Let the renaming and rebranding begin.