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Prayer in school...from the former plaid skirt wearer

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Hey folks....so you may have seen the quick little rant that I put up the night before on my FB page about Prayer in School. This would be explanation behind it as well as being my first blog here on Tautalatala.com

Here it goes....

My title is correct in that yes, I spent half my secondary education in Catholic school. Saint Elizabeth green, Saint Francis blue and white and Bellarmine lion paws. There was nothing wrong with it and I never had any of those crazy stories about nuns beating me with rulers (although I remember a couple of times where we should have been) or any girl on girl action at the all girl school (Sorry guys - you can stop reading now if you were expecting that). Of course there were the same rigeurs in which all students go through - homework, friends, feaus, homework, practice, ka'a time!!! lol, church, parents, more homework, boys, friends and oh yeah...feaus for dayzzz. Being in catholic school, we just had a religion class to add to our workload each semester, weekly mass and a possible retreat for the weekend (It was sooo AWESOME).

Why am I talking about this?? Well just the reason I feel like prayer should not be REQUIRED back in school.

Because like I had stated in my FB post: People worry about putting prayer back in school....I think it should be in the home first, our families and most of all...on the tips of all tongues. It will spread and all will see, past school halls....the power of prayer.

We talk about how school will shape a young person and the adult that they become. Really? Because I thought it happened at home with parents and siblings and extended family. If you brown you know what I'm talking about....and if you're not one of those families with 2.5 kids (who are they?!?!) then you know there are aunty/uncle/cousin/granma/granpa - the list can go on. But basically this village, this group of people define who you are and who you become. There are things that become action that become habit that become character in which people do because of their family. There are things that become action that become habit that become character in which people do in spite of their family. Regardless of either circumstance, I believe that the family shapes you. If you believe that prayer is needed, it belongs here.

For me a prayer is not just the make-the-sign-of-the-cross action with a mumbled phrase learned years ago. It is but it’s not the end of the line, buddy. And yes, I’ve heard it all about the Catholics, so don’t get stuck there my friends. Whenever I’ve started a meeting, it’s never truly felt like we could go forward without a prayer. When we have a party, we give thanks for those who are there to celebrate and enjoy the company. When you wish someone a good trip, there is always a little prayer to wish them safe journeys and that you’ll see them in good health the next time.

I’ve heard it time and time again, we should put prayer back in school. I remember as a kid in class right before that test I never studied for – “God, like ok…a little help here would be nice, if you don’t mind pushing my pencil in the right direction of the correct little circle, I totally promise to..” I don’t think that line ever really left and I don’t think it’ll ever leave either..so I ask those who request me to sign a petition putting Prayer back in school, when did it ever leave???