(SAMOA) – Two fire-fighting trucks were added to the fleet of the Samoa Fire and Emergency Services Authority (SFESA) officially presented mid-February, on the 15th.

The trucks were procured through the assistance of Japan International Cooperation System (JICS) in collaboration with the Government of Samoa and fully supported by Japanese Supplementary Budget.

(SAMOA) – In the coming months, Samoa Airport Authority (SAA) will be undertaking major airport pavement and drainage improvements to key aeronautical infrastructure assets.

Following the World Bank’s No Objection in October 2017 and a Cabinet Approval in November 2017, SAA signed a USD $31,400,750.00 contract on 18 Jan., 2018 with Downer New Zealand, Ltd. to undertake the design and construction of pavement surfacing and infrastructure rehabilitations/upgrade at Faleolo International Airport (APW) to achieve the required design standards.

(SAMOA) – The Livestock Division under the umbrella of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has topped up its pig stocks with the arrival of new genetics imported from Hamilton, New Zealand.

It’s been 10 years since the last shipment of imported pigs was brought to Samoa, also from New Zealand. The new arrivals are expected to revolutionize the local piggery industry.

(SAMOA) – Tula'i Faaiva Laulu and Rovine Fatima Asopaolo Setefano were wed Sunday, Feb. 25 at the Assembly of God Church in Lauli'i.

Church members and coworkers joined the newlyweds and their families to celebrate the union. Here are some photos from the blessing and reception. GOD bless the newlyweds!

(SAMOA) – Samoa Solidarity International Group has planned a march for April 7 in Savai'i, and a third in June to mark Independence Day as it continues to push for a repeal of the Lands and Titles Registration Act 2008.

The April march will take place in Salelologa, Savai'i, the date agreed upon in a SSIG meeting held Saturday, Feb. 24 at Apaula Heights Lounge. Attendees included visitors from Utah and New Zealand.

The June march just may lead to Parliament House in Mulinu'u, which is currently under construction, as several members suggested the route.

Brogging: The making of the blog, in your brain

(SAN ANTONIO, Texas) – I never could get into blogging, though I’ve entertained the idea more than I care to admit. Blogging is so much harder than I thought.


I mean, where do you start, and more importantly, how can you write about the sensitive, the crazy, the mundane, the disastrous and hilarious things without offense?

And why start now, after enjoying ample brogging triumphs, assessing situations and meting out justice in my own unique, sometimes ludicrous way?

(SAMOA) — Power should be fully restored by Saturday (Samoa Time) and the public is asked to cut down trees near power lines to lessen power line damages in high winds.

A post-Cyclone Gita assessment by the Electric Power Corporation shows most damages to power lines were caused by fallen trees.

This is according to a press statement issued Monday by the Ministry of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

(SAMOA) — There are many places one can feast on any given Sunday, but only one traditional Samoan toanai recommended by celebrity Chef Robert Oliver, author of Meaai Samoa: Recipes and Stories from the Heart of Polynesia.

That place is Lupe's Sunday Toanai at Lupe's Beach Fale & Restaurant in Siumu, hosted by husband and wife business teams: Posala and Lema Luamanuvae, who own Lupe's, and Mikaele and Isabel Maiava.

(SAN ANTONIO, Texas) — Performing arts of Samoa and Easter Sunday services go hand-in-hand when the Samoan Congregational Christian Church of San Antonio joins Samoan Churches from Arlington and Fort Hood, each year in Texas.

The Easter weekend celebration is one of two major annual events for the three Churches that comprise the Tafatolu which is not affiliated with the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa or American Samoa.