Su'a Peter Suluape is a master of the traditional hand tap tatau of Samoa. He is the son of world famous traditional hand-tap master, Su'a Suluape Aliava'a (Petelo) Sulape and his wife Asiasiga Suluape. He is the nephew of the tattooing legend, the late Paulo Suluape. As if this was not enough of a prestigious pedigree, the Suluape family is also a world respected family of traditional tattooists whose practice of tatau literally stretches back thousands of years. 808ink special assignment writer Tina Mata'afa-Elise had the opportunity to visit with this well traveled tufuga tatau.

Add Hawai’i to the list of international donors that have stepped forward to assist Samoa with storm relief as the sovereign nation continues to rebuild after Cyclone Evan ripped through the islands Dec. 13, 2012.