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  • (SAMOA, Calif.) — A special 90-minute Adopt-A-Highway clean-up at the Samoa Peninsula in Humboldt, Calif. is among the many events that will mark Earth Day 2018, Sunday, April 22.

    The event is hosted by the Humboldt Chapter of the Pacific Outfitters Green Team, a group of outdoor enthusiasts whose claim to fame is being "The Home of the 60-minute Weekly Clean-up!"

    They carry out brief, consistent clean-ups throughout the year.

  • (MAPUSAGA, American Samoa) — One component of the Mission of the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) is to promote awareness of Samoa and the Pacific, while one of the College’s Institutional Learning Outcomes is that students acquire proficiencies as Global Citizens.

  • (SAMOA) — The Samoa Police Service reminds the public that marijuana is illegal, announcing eight arrests made during a raid at the Savalalo Flea Market on the morning of Friday, April 20.

    Of the eight who were arrested, six were charged with possession of narcotics, states the SPS Facebook page.

    "A concerning number...have addressed the issue of marijuana being sold at the flea market...and pose a risk to the youth of Samoa," say police.

  • (SAMOA) — Leiififi College's netball squad begins the 2018 season looking sharp in new sports gear, gifted to the school from the Saints Netball Club based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

    "The girls are so happy the uniforms fit them well," said Leifiifi Principal Sefuiva Malaea Lauano. "We'd like to express our faafetai tele lava for the gift. The girls look nice in their uniforms."

    The individual behind the generous donation — blue and yellow dresses; top and skirt sets of blue and white, sports jackets, bibs and sports bags — remains obscure, notes Sefuiva.


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  • (ST. CHARLES, Louisiana) — Social media has made the time-old challenge of wondering what others are thinking less of a task.

    While it doesn't give us a complete picture of someone else's life (and not counting people who feign their identities primarily for stalking and other questionable purposes) it does provide readers of any given account with a good idea of one's interests.

    In this day and age, we see an exorbitant amount of selfies, problems and successes; activists involved in a noble cause; from parents, we learn about their children; from others, posts about food,...

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  • (SAMOA) — Profits for the Samoa Shipping Corporation soared by 200 percent in the ending of fiscal year 2016, according the Press Secretariat, but media inquiries on services between Salelologa and Mulifanua sent to SSC during the 2017-2018 holiday season, have yet to be answered.

    The growth in profits for SSC was reported in a statement issued by the Press Secretariat, Ministry of the Prime Minister & Cabinet in late February 2018.

    Even as the statement was issued, the SSC had not responded to media inquiries received in December 2017.

    The inquiries were sent to...

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  • (SAMOA) – Ua maitauina ma iloa e le Faletupe Tutotonu e iai i latou poo tagata solitulafono ua faia ni faiga faasolitulafono e ala i le faaaogaina o le Facebook e ave faagaoi ai au tupe na alu ai lou tigaina ma lou afu e maua (se’i tulou).

    E o mai ma faaaoga auala e faapea e vave ona e mau’oa ma faatosina ia te oe o le a e maua se tupe tele pe a teu au tupe ia i latou. 

    O le ituaiga pisinisi ma le oloa o loo latou faalauiloaina e ese (ma e fai si ma’ale’ale) ae o le faasinomaga e tutusa lava: teu faafaigaluega lau tupe ia i matou, ma matou toe faafoi atu ia te oe se tupe...

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  • (SAMOA) – It has been brought to our attention that there are supposedly some people or well organized criminals that are using Facebook as a tool to get to your hard earned money.

    They come in the form of get rich quick schemes promising you huge amounts of returns if you invest your money with them.

    Please be alert and vigilant of these scammers on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and the like.

    The business models and the products that they promote may be different (and very complicated), but the concept is still the same: invest your...

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